luni, 29 august 2016

North London Agency - there are a lot of them

So - after my ex company went bankrupt I was really in the need of finding a good job - and I mean a well paid job somewhere in the north of London because I did not waanted to be very far away from my house or to spend a huge amount of time in traffic.

This way I planned to find all the agencies (and I mean all the agencies that could have a vacant place) and to apply to the job - so I made a list - and I have iimagined that it would be pretty simple to find work as I have som IATA certifications for the booking systems of Sabre and Amadeus (so I really know how to work with both of those without any kind of issues).

But - let me tell you the funny thing - as I was not very carefull I have also applied to a North London Escort Agency - thich in fact is an agency for those girls, for escorts - which was a very nasty coincidence from my point of view, as the name of the company also implied some sort of a travel agency - but let's get ofer this missunderstanding.

The sad thing about this story is that I have searched for more than 3 months for a lousi job and in the final I had to accept a lesser travel agent job at a very small travel agency.

Unfortunately I don't think that London is a very nice city with young people, as you would need a whole lot of money - really large sums, and those only to pay your rent and to live a decent life, not with anything special.

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