vineri, 26 august 2016

Best practices in software development

When talking about what are the best paractices regarding the software development I can tell you that there are really a whole aspects where you should look - there is not only the interface that needs UX, but also the code needs special attention, comments, organization and so on.

And as people are not that objective everyone would say that his part of the job is the most important - like for instance the database administrator will tell everyone that no one can write good code without a preoper database architecture, or that no one can exacute fast queries without a good software and a good relational database system.

So... best practices could mean a lot of things - also related to design, to the fact that a software solution (like Tour Wizard for instance - which is a virtual tour creator)  has to be very well optimised for all kinds of devices that would be accessing it.

We are in the modern software development era, where it is almost impossible for a small team of enthusiasts to create a new revolutionary system anymore - it is not possible to really develop a great product without having extensive knowledge regarding servers, databases, backup systems, model view controller development, scrum, and other things that are even more weird like the online marketing things - and here I can ennumerate the content marketing, search engine optimisation, adwords campaigns, bing campaigns, social media advertising and so on.

All the things above have best practices and all of those have to be taken into consideration when planning to develop even the smallest software solution.

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