luni, 29 august 2016

Transfer to otopeni services

I can really tell you what means to be scared and I mean really, really scared. Imagine that you are in a foreign country, where you have also entered with a VISA, and your visa is expiring and you have to catch a plane, but your rented car died at over 200 Kilomenters distance from the airport - and you also have only about 6 hours until the plane is taking off.

So you can imagine how I was feeling in those moments, I was really panicked (in fact it was the only thing that I could do a tthat moment) and after calling the rent a car company (which in fact was an international car rental company - SHAME ON THEM) they tolk me that I would have to wait at least for 8 hours in order to get another car, another car that would take me to the airport.

After that conversation I was really convinced that I am going to remain in Romania for the rest of my life (and oh well - at least the food is more than decent, so I was really losing it).

But then I started searching the internet and found someone that was offering the kind of service that I was needing - so actually I let that car there (the dead car) and hired a company that offers the best transfer to otopeni services - and a very nice guy with a Mercedes car came after me and actually solved all my problems.

And I was like - WOW... a private driver walked me through this country with a very nice limk - that was simply great.

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